The Next Generation of Warehouse Automation

No Compromises.

The newest reimagining of space efficient, high-speed, high-volume movement of goods, in nearly any size, shape, and temperature environment. 

While today's market solutions are well-engineered (and some look very cool), they all come with major tradeoffs. You can have density or speed, but not both. Need to handle different-sized goods? You'll need two different systems to do that.  You can upgrade to the latest automated system for better performance and cost controls, but if the solution requires a new site build, annual license fees, hard-to-source parts, and a team of engineers to maintain and service it, then the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) will very likely be unsustainable.

Freespace Robotics' customers don't need to compromise. Our new design was informed by the challenges and gaps in today's solutions, many of them designed and piloted well over a decade ago. Our system solves for challenges that were hard to see, predict, or build to when today's products first came to market over a decade ago. We engineered our systems to be optimized for each industry and sector's unique requirements and goals. Among them are speed and density, inventory flexibility and lower TCO - all in the same system.

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Robotic storing, locating, picking, and delivering of items increases inventory accuracy, optimizes sequencing, and reduces operating and labor costs by 75%.

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2x as fast as today's leading AS/RS solutions. Our robots can handle more than one tote at a time and can multi-task; storing and retrieving in the same trip.

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Cost Efficiency

The lowest ‘cost per order’ and ‘total cost of ownership’ of any leading AS/RS. Additional flexibility and savings without dependence on high-cost/hard-to-source lithium batteries.

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Can be installed in every location our competitors can and most they can’t. No special accommodations to the facility are required. The system works with uneven floors, columns, and exit doors.

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Totes or trays of multiple widths, lengths depths can move weights up to 100 pounds each for piece picking and case picking - in the same system. Mount on ceilings. Adapt to trucks.

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Our system was designed with simple parts and a simple assembly so it can be serviced by a technician, not a Ph.D. A wrench and screwdriver are just about all that’s needed for maintenance and repair.

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Fitting over 2x the inventory of the leading dense cube solutions in the same footprint delivers a higher revenue per sqft and allows for improved space utilization.

Online retail sales are expected to double to $7.5 Trillion by 2026.

Juniper Research

28,000 warehouses are to be added globally to meet the ecommerce boom.

Interact Analytics

Only 1-2% of warehouses in the US are fully automated.

L.E.K. Consulting

80% of warehouses still manually operate with no supporting automation, despite the advantages.


By 2025, 45% of all manufacturing will be performed by robotic technology.

Bank of America

Freespace Robotics provides business to business (B2B) engineering design and development  of custom AS/RS systems for commercial warehouses and locations, both fixed and mobile.

Our design and engineering of warehouse robotic systems and associated software to move, sort and queue inventories, loads and SKU's, meet the needs of more industries - and serves the broadest spectrum of use cases - than any other system on the market;

  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • Fulfillment, Micro-fulfillment, Reserves
  • Case-picking, Piece Picking, Large/Odd items* 
  • Totes, Trays, or Bins*
  • E-commerce, Grocery, Apparel, Food & Beverage, Industrial, Manufacturing
  • Frozen, Chilled, and Ambient*
  • 3PL, Multi-stop deliveries
  • Defense Logistics, Kitting
  • Manufacturers
* in the same structure

The Core Design Principles make this system like no other

Versatility Advantage

  • Robots move, store or retrieve more than one tote at a time
  • Robots and components are outside the structure
  • Additional robots do not create additional congestion
  • Items can be stored and retrieved in a single trip

Operational Advantage

  • Cube is accessible from more than one side
  • Good move without lifting or fighting gravity
  • Spills or jams create minimal, if any, disruption or stoppage
  • Simple parts, simple movement, simple power, simple repair
    • Robots and components are outside the structure
    • No dependency on battery power

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